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My Services


To begin individual therapy sessions, you can call me to discuss your therapeutic needs.  If we both feel that this form of therapy is the right process, you can book an initial session to talk about your story, challenges and goals for therapy.  

Individual sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly and can run over the short or long term. 


Group experiences encourage a sense of belonging and connection through shared experiences.

I love facilitating various groups incorporating nature, building self-compassion,  personal growth and awareness, creating and working towards goals, encouraging active listening and connecting like-minded people.

Please ask if there is a specific group or topic you would like me to facilitate.

Currently, I am facilitating 2 monthly Nature Focused Therapy Walks in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Forest. 

A small group take a 45-60 minute slow walk, incorporating gentle emotional and physical exercises to connect with the natural world and harness this restorative power.  This experience helps to calm the nervous system and let go of some inner difficulties, as well as making time for yourself.

GROUP 1: Acknowledging and exploring GENDER IDENTITY for Teens.

GROUP 2: MUMS MINDFULNESS BUSHWALKS - Connecting with each other and nature to help find more balance and better self-awareness and self-care

The group is FREE with a mental health plan for group sessions OR $20 per person, per session.  Walkers can join one session or regular sessions



I visit high schools on the north shore and northern beaches in Sydney to hold individual sessions with students in a secure setting. Permission is required by the school which I am happy to arrange.


I currently supervise other allied health professionals such as psychologists and social workers individually and within a peer supervision group.  We work together to enhance professional skills, knowledge and approaches, in order to provide quality support.

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